My first 4DX experience

Hey loves,
I had such a great day! My dad surprised my sister and me and let us pick a movie at the cinema. We all love a good thrill and decided to go for the movie: Skyscraper. Skyscraper is, in my opinion, a good action movie.
Watch the trailer here:

What made it extra exciting is that we watched the movie in 4D! This was my first time to experience this. 4D Means that the movie is in 3D, but the theater itself also has special effects:
– Moving/ shaking chairs
– Water
– Wind
– Snow
– Smell
– Warm air
– Bubbles
– Lightning
– Smoke

I expected it to be fun, but I didn’t expect this effect at all! I absolutely loved it! I can easily lose myself in a movie, but now it almost felt like I was part of it. Especially when you could smell what the main character smelled.
Because it was an action movie, many fights happend. Your chair started shaking during the fights and you could feel little punches in your back whenever someone or something hit the main character. Whenever there were gunshots in the movie, you would get blasted by air.
All these effects made it feel so real!

Advantage of 4DX: It’s almost impossible to fall asleep.
Disdvantage of 4DX: It’s really difficult to drink/ eat something during the movie with all the shaking.

I really recommend 4DX movies! If you haven’t tried it out yet, you definitely should!

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