Favorite Topshop items

Hey fashionistas,
I was bored today. One of the things I like to do when I get bored, is going through online webshops. (And adding items to my basket, which I end up not buying.) Today it was Topshops turn to get judged by my picky style. Here is a list of my favorite items! (Which I would totally buy if I had the money.)

White Blouse | Denim Blouse

I like these two blouses, because they aren’t tight fitting. Both have a simple decoration on it, which I find so cute & girly.

Ruffled top | Denim jacket

I like the lace of the left item and white lace is my favorite kind. The color of the jacket on the right is by far my favorite color!
Both items have wider sleeves, which I find comfortable.

Tank top | A-line skirt

The tanktop looks so summery and happy! I really like the way it looks.
The skirt on the right reminds me a little of a schooluniform. I really like those kind of skirts.

Cropped T-shirt | Cropped T-shirt

Both of these t-shirts are quite simple, yet cute. They’re very easy to combine, but would still look cute on their own.

Denim dress | Skater dress

These dresses are a dream! The denim dress is perfect for different seasons. You can wear a fluffy sweater or a t-shirt underneath it.
I would feel like a princess in the dress on the right. I find it absolutely beautiful!

Pink sweater | Mom jeans

Everybody needs a happy oversized sweater in their life. I love to wear sweaters, which are a few sizes “too big”, so I can just wear knee socks underneath them.
Also I’ve got this obsession with rainbows (they make me so happy idek why), as you can see on both items. Those jeans are AMAZING!


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