Fave new arrivals: Monki

Hey Monkeys,
Monki is one of my favorite stores, so I always check the internet for new arrivals. They have some really nice new items! See my favorites over here

Polka dots

I have this big love for polka dots. They make everything look cute!


T-shirts with tekst on them can be either a no go or a win to me. It definitely depends on what the tekst says. I love both of these t-shirts!


The ultimate summer playsuits in my eyes! Look how adorable they are.
You can also wear these in fall with knee socks and a cardigan.


I love it when the neckline of a t-shirt has a different color. It gives it that 70s vibe.


Look at these adorable socks! Yes, I’m the kind of person that matches their socks with their outfit.

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