Orphan Black

Hi you all,
I finished the serie Orphan Black the other day and felt the need to write a blogpost about it! It doesn’t happen all the time that when you watch a serie, you actually fall in love with it. This kind off happend to me watching Orphan Black! A good friend of mine recommended it and I’m grateful she did.

Orphan Black is about a girl, named Sarah Manning. She’s a con artist and constantly on the run, until she thinks she’s found a way out. She witnesses the suicide of a woman, who looks just like her. Sarah decides to steal her identity, which is the start of even bigger problems for her.
She finds herself in a world of clones, where she’s wanted by the police and a secret religious group. Right now her life is unsure and she’ll do anything it takes to keep her family and friends safe.

The serie consists of 5 seasons and a total of 50 episodes.
Every single episode has exciting parts and the serie is overall thrilling. I always found it hard to stop watching, because I was so curious what would happen next. This serie has some amazing plot twists and takes unexpected turns all the time, which is something I love.

I really recommend you to watch Orphan Black. It can get a little messy and bloody sometimes, but it’s so good!

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