Reasons to be happy 2

Hey loves,
I took someone who was really sad outside the other day. Told her to look around and try to find beauty in the little things. We were riding our bicycles along the beach, while the sun was going down. It doesn’t make the sadness go away, but makes it more bearable for a little while.
I made a reasons to be happy post before.
Here is my second list:

– Watching a sunset
– Breathing in the salty beach air
– The feeling you get when you know you did your absolute best
– When a stranger smiles at you
– The burn you feel in your muscles, after a good workout
– Fantasizing about the future
– Going to a theme park
– Meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while
– Finding a song that explains how you feel
– Being on the road, without knowing where you’ll end up
– Trying new ice-cream flavors
– Reaching a goal you’ve worked so hard on
– Bare feet in the sand
– Finding a book that describes your life story
– Taking a perfect picture
– Getting a compliment from a stranger


  1. hotthingsforladies

    Geweldig leuke ben het er wel mee eens waar je van kan genieten…

    Kijken naar een zonsondergang ja vaak en met diesel gezzelli en mjjn vriend mooi kijken.

    Deze vind ik ook goed

    Ontmoeting met een vriend die je niet hebt gezien in een tijdje

    Fijne avond🌝🤣😃🍸

    Liked by 1 person

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