Niall Horan

Hey everyone,
28-04-2018 Is a date I won’t ever forget, because it’s the day I went to Niall Horan’s concert! (Oh wow, that rhymes) It was such an incredible experience!
I had a soundcheck ticket, which means I was allowed to see the soundcheck before the actual concert started. Also, Niall took some time to answer questions. The soundcheck was really intimate. It was nice to hear Niall talk and sing, without people screaming all the time. It was so quiet you could hear Niall talking without his microphone.
During the soundcheck you could really see Niall’s personality shine through. He kept on making jokes and teased us. He sang a total of 3 songs during soundcheck.

After the soundcheck we had to wait for a few hours before the concert would start. I was totally okay with that, because this amazing soundcheck promised an unforgettable show! I took my Nintendo DS with me and some food to kill time.

This is one of the only times I’m excited about a support act! Julia Michaels is so good live. I didn’t expect much from it, but I really enjoyed her show! She was so happy, bubbly and cute. You could tell she was having the time of her life and that sure made me feel something!

Because I had a soundcheck ticket, I also had early entry. This resulted in me being super close to the stage! (I mean, I could see the dimple in Niall’s chin so…) I feel like at the beginning Niall felt so proud! This show got live-streamed all over the world and that must be a special feeling. Niall did not let us down. The waiting was TOTALLY WORTH IT. I could forget about everything that’s going on in my life and just focus on his music. Some of his songs really touched my heart. And I must honestly say that, when he sang 2 One Direction songs I lost it. The last part of his show were only “happy” songs and the crowd went through the roof! Ugh, I love the feeling concerts give me. Especially when it feels THIS good. Niall sounds live just as good as he does in the studio. And his crazy dance moves just finished it.
To everyone who has yet to go to the concert: ENJOY IT AND HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!
Tip: For everyone who’s curious about this concert, it’s been completely filmed in HQ. You can find it on youtube.


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