t-shirts and sweaters

Hey you all,
That sad moment when you realize you don’t have money left to spend & there are so many clothes you like! Ugh, it’s the worst. What I like to do is scroll through my favorite webshops and collect my favorite items. That’s what I did just now! Here are my favorite sweaters:

Peachy sweater from Forever 21
I like the shape of this sweater, but sadly the color of it doesn’t suit my skin tone.

Sweater with sunflowers from Forever 21
I LOVE this sweater so much! I would definitely buy it.

Nickelodeon sweater from Forever 21
This sweater is too funny not to buy.

Sweater with flowers from Forever 21
I like it when clothing is simple, but have little things on them which make it look cute.

Sweater with pom poms from Forever 21
The pom poms make this sweater so cute. I’m thinking of making something like this myself.

Purple sweater from Zara
Love the slogan on this sweater!

And a list of my favorite t-shirts:

T-shirt with flowers from H&M
An easy t-shirt to combine is always nice to have.

T-shirt with flower print from H&M
This one I find super cute! I would wear this tucked into high waisted jeans.

Black t-shirt from Monki
Ugh, I need this one. Just this t-shirt combined with skinny jeans and you’re ready to go.

Slogan t-shirt from Pull& Bear
Best slogan I’ve ever seen on a t-shirt.

Volant top from Urban Outfitters
I love things with volant on them. This green color makes it extra summery.

White flower t-shirt from Forever 21
A simple shirt like this tucked into a cute skater skirt makes a super cute outfit.

Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Forever 21
You have me whenever you put something small from Disney on a piece of clothing.

Funny t-shirt from Forever 21
I would buy this shirt just because it’s so funny.

Quote t-shirt from Topshop
Important quote! But seriously, this shirt also looks cute.

Yin Yang t-shirt from Monki
I love t-shirts with little details on them, just like this Yin Yang detail.

Which one of these items would you wear?

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