Ears and eyes open
Don’t wanna miss a thing
So sensitive
Worries crawling down my skin
Always on the lookout
Making sure they don’t feel left out
When their eyes get wet
And they let down a tear
Suddenly… I don’t know
My feelings disappear
How am I supposed to feel
When others fall behind
I have to help them
I’m reaching out
Grab my hand
I’ll pull you out
Weight of my own troubles are gone
Because with them, I can’t be strong
Come little child
Let down your head
Put it on my shoulder
I’ll be here instead
Where I am?
I simply don’t know
I’m ready,
I’m set,
But I won’t go
I know you need me
But where the need is in me?
I don’t know
It’s so far away
All I know is
you need me to stay


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