Boohoo faves

Hey shopaholics,
I know by chance that I’m not the only one who loves to surf the internet. Some people enjoy themselves watching funny cat video’s, but I really like to go through 100 pieces of clothing. Today I went on the Boohoo website, to see what they currently have to offer. I’m not disappointed! Take a look with me, because I’ve saved my favorite pieces:

These tops are a-dor-a-ble (I wish I had the balls to wear them)

These two are so cute (but also too scary for me to wear)

I love peplum!

I wouldn’t think twice if I saw these. I’d buy them!

These two tops are quite different, but I’d definitely buy them

This color sadly doesn’t match my skin tone, otherwise I would combine these two pieces

Love both of these blouses!

Ugh I need the sweater on the right SO BAD!

The perfect sweaters to snuggle up in, with a cup of tea/ coffee

Lilac is my favorite colour and I can’t resist clothing in this color

I love the pants on the left!
The pic on the right is the perfect example of my favorite clothing. A big soft oversized sweater (combined with knee socks underneath it)

Oh how I would wear this, if I only had a flat tummy

I find the denimdress with the little flower details super cute!
I really like the color of the jeans on the right

I would definitely wear the jeans on the left!
And wow wish I had the body to pull of the outfit on the right.

Would you wear any of these items?

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