Blouses and tops

Hey loves,
Do you know that feeling when you don’t have much money to spend, but you see all these items you really like? I’m having that “issue” right now. Let me show you some items I found online, which I really like:


Blue blouse from H&M
I really like the light blue color of this blouse. The lace and ruffles make it special. You could wear this blouse on top of regular jeans and still look classy.

White and pink striped blouse from Monki
I like blouses, clothes with stripes and pastel colors. This blouse is perfect for me!

Blue ruffled blouse from H&M
This blouse is quite simple, but I think you could rock this with a big statement necklace.

Ruffled blouse with print from H&M
I LOVE this blouse! I think it’s perfect and it’s definitely something I would wear!

Bordeaux red blouse from Topshop
I can see this blouse tucked in high waisted black pantalon pants. I really like the collar of this blouse!

Striped, cropped blouse from Topshop
Imagine a skater skirt underneath this blouse, wouldn’t that be cute? High waisted pants could make the look more edgier, which would also be cool.

White lace blouse from Zara
I have a thing for white blouses and a thing for lace. Compare those two and you have found the perfect blouse for me!

Ruffled, bordeaux red blouse from Zara
Whatever black jeans you would wear with this blouse, if you combine them with a pair of high heals you’re ready for a fancy dinner.


Beaded top from Topshop
A pair of cute, flared, high waisted shorts or a skater skirt under this top will make you summer proof.

White top from Topshop
It’s always nice to have white tops like these to wear underneath a jacket or cardigan.

Ruffled top from Zara
I love this top! This is also something I would definitely wear! You can totally rock this top on top of regular jeans.

Ruffled top from H&M
You can either wear this cute top with regular jeans or a pantalon. Put a cardigan over it when it gets cold. Choose a statement necklace or a really tiny chocker. You can use this top in so many different ways, always good to have something in your closet like this.

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