Birthday presents

Hey everyone,
Last week it was my birthday and I got spoiled! Birthdays to me are not about presents or being the centre of attention. I enjoy my friends coming together and having everyone I love in one room.
But let’s be honest, I got the cutest presents ever! My friends know me so well. Let me share my presents with you.

I got two boxes from Søstrene Grene, which is one of my favorite shops! Also a bottle of bath salt, a drawing, a beautiful bracelet and watercolour paper.

I got 5 canvasses, which are very useful to me. Also a really lovely notebook I wanted to have for a long time. I can start drawing again with my pretty 4 new waterproof fineliners.

THESE PUSHEEN ITEMS, I’M ALMOST SCREAMING. I love Pusheen SO much! This cat makes me so happy. Also, this is the softest blanket I own. (Which is why everybody keeps stealing it.)

Look at this notebook, look at the quote and the hot air balloon on it, just look at it! It’s so pretty, too pretty to write in. So I’ll just embrace it and look at it for now. The pink thingy on the right is a case for my passport, which is one of my favorite presents. My passport is almost holy to me, because it allows me to travel to other countries. Now my passport looks so pretty, I love it.

Scented candles are always a good idea. Also a new mug, which I now use every morning. Then socks, oh how I love my socks! My dad always complains about the amount of socks I have, haha! My third notebook I got is so different from the other two. It’s a glittery reverse cover, it changes colour once you rub it.
Last, but not least MY RAINBOW BALLOON! Rainbows are a source of happiness and so is this balloon.

I got another blanket, which is great to use for decoration and is really warm. Also really soft and warm PJ pants. All my friends know my favorite animal is a rabbit. I got 1 squishy rabbit lamp and a lovely stuffed rabbit.

I’m so happy with all these gifts. Maybe you got some present ideas or inspiration from this post.


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