The distant hours

Hey everyone,
This time I’ve a book review about a book I’m less enthusiastic about, which is okay! Not every book you read has to be perfect. Everyone has a different taste, so what might be your favorite book can be somebody else’s least favorite book.
The book is called: The distant hours. I read the book cover and it sounded so mysterious, I decided to buy it. (Also have you seen the cover? It’s so beautiful!)

The story: (no spoilers)
One day a long lost letter arrives, send from Milderhurst Castle. The letter is addressed to Edie her mother. Her mother is shocked when she receives the letter. Her mother doesn’t want to talk about it to Edie, like always. Edie and her mother have never been close. She thinks this might have something to do with the letter.

Edie her mother lived in Milderhurst Castle with the 3 sisters Blythe and their dad. Edie doesn’t know.
When Edie drives past Milderhurst Castle she decides to stop. Many memories come to the service. How can one get memories from a place they’ve never been to?

Edie doesn’t only find her mothers buried secrets In Milderhurst Castle, also the deep secrets which are hidden in the stones of the castle. What the sisters Blythe have been through in their lives, is more than you can imagine.

My opinion
This story raises so many questions, so you keep on reading. In my opinion it took a little too long for the questions to be answered.
The last paragraphs were really interesting, because everything falls into place. If you’re a pacient reader (which I am not) I would recommend this book.

I give this book 2 out of 5 stars.


  1. ShawnaB

    I agree it took a little too long to get to the end. Have you read any other books by Kate Morton? I’ve added a bunch to my list, but haven’t checked them out yet.

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