Aliexpress stickers

Hey crafters,
Today I’ve an Aliexpress shopblog for you. I was in desperate need for new stickers (don’t ask me why), so I ordered some on Aliexpress.

On Aliexpress you can order these super cute little paper boxes filled with stickers.
My favorite box is the one in the middle. Rabbits are my favorite animals, so it’s probably a bit unfair. But I really like the drawing style which is used for these stickers.

I bought a box of Rilakkuma stickers, because those are my favorite characters.
The one on the right is a box filled with animals in kawaii style.

The last stickers I ordered are some more of Rilakkuma. These stickers can be used on paper, but also on plastic etc. I thought it would be nice to decorate some of my office supplies with them.

Don’t you think stickers make everything a little more prettily?

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