What if what you know is unknown
and the truth isn’t the truth
What if the shapes you know unfold
And told things can be untold
What if stars seem to shine
but actually they don’t
You thought the moon was round
Turns out that it is not
Made up rules no longer count
Lost things won’t be found
Decision make things different
but the different stays the same
What if who you are
is no longer your name
The cars you thought were driving
stand still on a moving road
And music no longer depends
on one single note
You thought your brain had taught you
all the useful things
Until you find out
that in the morning
it is not the bird that sings
The well known story
of Beauty and the Beast
makes no longer sense
because the beauty is in the beast
The stories in history books
turn out to be made up
Which makes the past no longer the past
Thoughts shoot by really fast
Almost like shooting stars
Even though you aren’t sure those do exist
What if what you don’t know
is what you should know
And what if this poem
on it’s own
is only to mess with your brain



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