Aliexpress fineliners

Hey loves,
Who doesn’t love online shopping? I know I do. Especially when I don’t have to spend a lot of money to get what I want.
I love to draw and write, which I need pencils and fineliners for. But why would I use ordinary writing equipment, if Aliexpress offers such cute stuff?
Here are some of the things I bought:

Black ballpoint
Look at these fluffy pens! Even if they’re not good for writing (which I think they are), they still look nice on your desk!

Black ballpoint

First of all: No, these aren’t lollipops. A few people asked me if I was sure. The answer is: Yes, I’m positive these are just pens.
I LOVE the way they look. One disadvantage is that my fingers start cramping quite fast, because the pen is quite thin.

Black fineliner
I love these fineliners! Not only because they look adorable, but I really like the way my writing turns out when I use them. The point of the fineliner is a little more flexible, which makes it easier to write with them.

Black fineliner
I can here you think: “More black fineliners? What does she need more fineliners for?” Honestly… I don’t need them, I just like the way they look.


Markers are usually quite big and take up too much space in my bag. But I like to have them with me, to mark things in my diary, etc.
When I saw these little markers, I knew this had to be the perfect solution.

I’m really happy with my new desk accessories, they all look so cute!
That’s all for this time, but I’ll be back with more shopblogs.


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