When you’re looking for home
Don’t visit a million places
You won’t find it in people
Or in familiar faces
With their hugs and their smiles
All their good intentions

They say home is where the love is
But is that really true?
If I give you my heart
Will that feel like home to you?

Don’t look for home
In that house down the street
The one with the yellow door
It’s only a stack of stones
On top of a concrete floor

Yes, it does have your belongings in it
You believe that’s what counts?
That home is the place
Where all your things can be found?

Home is a feeling
Deep inside your bones
A feeling of safety
You’ll find it in the things
That shine out positivity

Feeling home is when reading a book
Getting lost in the story
Or the story of a song
In its instrumental glory

Home is when you close your eyes
And everything feels fine
When it’s okay to be
To be, to feel, to breathe
When everything falls in line


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