Hey my fellow readers,
Today I have a new book review for you. I was in the bookstore and someone recommended this book to me. When I went to pay for the book the guy from the store got all excited: “This is my favorite book! It’s so good.” Two other girls who also work at the store joined the conversation, telling me it’s also their favorite book. Expectations were set high at this point.
The book I’m talking about is Uprooted, written by Naomi Novik. It’s a high fantasy novel.

The story (without spoilers)
Agnieszka lives in a beautiful valley, but on the border stands the corrupt Woods. Nobody dares coming near to the evil Woods, filled with scary shadows.
The people from Agnieszka’s valley rely on a wizard, better known as the Dragon. He only asks for 1 thing in return for his help: a young woman, who’ll serve him for 10 years. After those years, he’ll come back to take another one.
Nobody knows what happens to the girls in his castle, just like nobody truly knows what’s up with the woods. Agnieszka is here to find it out and she’s not a quitter.

My opinion
High fantasy novels are not the kind of books I normally read. But sometimes it’s good to shift between different genres. To be honest, I expected more of this book. Possibly because a few people pointed it out as it being their favorite book. I liked the storyline and the characters, but I think it was too predictable.
The beginning of the book made me think of a Beauty & the Beast and Cinderella mixture. Later on in the book this is mostly invalid.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. I loved the idea behind the storyline and I really liked the main character. I just feel like it should’ve been less predictable.

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