Murder on the Orient Express

Hey everyone,
Going to the cinema is something I really like to do. This time I went, with my sweet friend Lisanne to Murder on the Orient Express.
I didn’t have a clear expectation from this movie before I went, but overall I like movies with Johnny Depp in it.
This version of Murder on the Orient Express must be the 6th filming. I haven’t seen another one before, so I didn’t know the story.
The original story is written by Agatha Christie, who’s well known for her detective stories.

Watch the trailer here:

I must honestly say that the trailer doesn’t show how good the movie actually is. Lisanne and I both agreed on that.
The storyline (no spoilers)

The movie is about one of the greatest detectives in the world, Hercule Poirot. He’s on board of the Orient Express when one of the passengers gets killed. He will not leave the train before he finds the killer, but this might be the first case he’ll not close.

My opinion
I was fascinated throughout the whole movie, looking for clues and answers. I was determined to solve the murder, before it might get solved.
This movie might have one of the BIGGEST PLOT TWIST EVER! Our minds were completely blown. I really recommend this movie!

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