I was here

Hi loves,
Today I have a new book review for you! The book is called: I was here. The author is Gayle Forman.
I bought this book during my trip in South Africa and it only took me 3 evenings to finish it.

The story (no spoilers)
What if your best friend commits suicide? Cody is completely shocked when her best friend Meg was found dead. How did this happen? How COULD this happen? They were best friends, weren’t they supposed to tell each other everything?
Cody wants answers and is determined to get them. Was it Meg her own choice, or did someone push her to commit suicide?

You will live this whole adventure through the eyes of Cody. There’s lots of pain, sadness and hurt in the people Meg left behind. While Cody is looking for answers, she finds a whole different world where Meg used to live in. She knew nothing about this and it seems like nobody else did… or were there people who knew?

My opinion
It’s weird to say that I liked this book and enjoyed reading it, because it’s such a sad story. It’s really touching to read what Megs death did to the people who loved her.
In some weird way I find this book empowering. It shows you the reason why you have to keep going.

I give this book a 3 out of 5. It’s a lovely story to read and it touched my heart.

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