H&M sale

Hey shopaholics,
H&M is one of my favorite clothing stores and lucky for me there was a big winter sale! Turns out 3 out of the 4 items I bought are pink… Guess what’s one of my favorite colors?
Let me show you what I bought.

Top from H&M

Oh how I love this cute top! I really like collars, because it can make your outfit look really girly and neat. I especially like this one, because the collar is spangly.

T-Shirt from H&M

I’m normally not really into the whole feminism inspired clothing, the words on the front say: female equals future. But I really liked this t-shirt, Especially the back. How much better would this world be if we would spread love instead of hate?

White sweater from H&M

The sleeves are made from a different kind of material than the rest of the sweater. They’re made of cotton, the rest of the sweater is softer. The sleeves are wide and are tight around the wrists. On both sleeves is a big bow, which you can adjust to whatever size you like. I really like this sweater, because you can look neat without trying.

Pink sweater from H&M

This sweater must be one of the softest sweaters I own. It looked to me as if it’s made of wool, but it isn’t. The words say: girls unite. I like the length of the sweater, because it’s a little longer. It has a split on the bottom of both sides, which makes the sweater extra comfortable.

I’m happy with my new items. Which one do you like best?

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