Patch up your shoes

Hey fashion lovers,
Today I’ve a tip for you!
Most of us wear shoes. Some people choose looks over comfort. I don’t, but after a while I get tired of wearing the same shoes. They still fit perfectly and look neat, so throwing them away would be a waste. That’s why I decide to pimp up my shoes.
One really simple tip I can give you, from which I’m sure EVERY single person of you is capable, is: Replace your old laces with new ones.

– Laces in a different colour
– Laces with glitter
– Use ribbons instead of laces

That’s exactly what I did! I replaced my black and grey laces with these glittery ones from Monki.

The second tip: (Please make sure your shoes are made of the right fabric, before doing this.)
Buy some patches you like. (You can literally buy them everywhere) And make sure the patches match with each other and your shoes. Simply place them on your shoes, wherever you like. Last but not least: Glue the patches to the shoes. I used textile glue to do this. This way you have “new” 1 of a kind shoes.

I’ve already worn my shoes outside and in the rain. Nothing happend and the patches stayed in place!
Hope these tips are useful for you.


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