Hello 2018

2017 Has come to an end. 365 Days have passed and lots of things have happened. Everyone has experienced it in a different way. And hopefully a good way!
I’ve learned so much this past year, also about myself.
I’ve spend 5 weeks in South-Africa with my sweet friend. I can definitely add those weeks to my list of: Best days of my life.
I had the best job I can think of. Taking care of the 3 cutest little girls. Children never fail to make me smile!

2018 To me, will be the year for learning, healing and recovering. Even though I don’t feel quit ready yet, I know I have people I can lean on.

Thank you to all my friends & loved ones, who are always here for me. Who I know I can rely on in 2018 and supported me throughout 2017 (and before). I love you.

I wish everyone who’s reading this a wonderful 2018. I don’t believe new years resolutions are necessary, which is why I don’t have any. But if you do, I hope they will work out the way you want them to! Push the negative aside, to make room for the positive.

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