Darkness isn’t the color black
or your morning coffee
Not the time you decide
to turn off the light
Because it’s hard to see

It’s not the ink, newspapers use
To create some letters
Which are used to make up stories
about everything that happens

Darkness is not what you see
when you close your eyes
When your black vision is filled
with many, many lights
When space and milky ways
are all that’s in your sight

You can’t compare it to holes and tunnels
Where there’s no light to be seen
Only shadows in the dark
But nothing in between

Not the nightsky in the evening
With the moon so high
Where stars seem to fly
Darkness is not dark
When there’s still a little light

I get it
Sometimes it is darker
At times hard to see
But it’s nothing like the darkness
that lives inside of me

It presses on my shoulders
so hard, I dive
Deeper and deeper into the darkness
I can hardly describe

It fills your lungs
it burns
it’s toxic
It makes it hard to breathe
It presses your chest
flat, so fast
Feels like it will never leave
So hard to carry around
Wheighing a hundred tons
It slows every movement down
Let’s you fall to the ground
Help is nowhere to be found
It narrows your sight
Leaves no room for light
It’s something so big
Something so strong
Something that’s too hard to fight


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