You’re never ending
It makes me feel so small
You surround me,
You’re everywhere around me
Your wind is blowing me kisses
While the sand hugs my feet
The waves control my eyes and thoughts
They’re so hard to read

As I walk along the sand and leave footprints on you
I know they won’t stay
Because the sea will come
And slowly wash them away
Nothing here is permanent
Nothing stays the same
Though waves keep coming and drift away
Rolling, diving, falling, bending
Never in the same way
The sand will loose its hometown
Castles that’ve been build will break
But sand will be sand
The sea will be sea
You’ll always be water and land

And when I get home
I undress myself
I find pieces of you everywhere
Between my toes,
my clothes, hair and underwear
You’ve filled up all my holes
In my nose I find your salty perfume
It sticks here in the air
It’s like you want to stay with me
Even if I’m not there

Oh beautiful beach
how I wish you could hold my hand
But you’re only made of water, salt and sand


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