This poem is a message to all my dear friends (Who I’m so thankful for)

My friend is a flower
in this world so small,
yet so incredibly beautiful.

So important
for the bees
and their flower families.

Taking in
Giving out
Never too silent
Never too loud

Roots growing stronger
Stalk growing longer
Always learning how to grow

Never getting picked,
because you are stronger than it

So you just continue to…

Share your petals with the wind
Bringing you places
Meeting new faces
Still not forgetting about me

Sometimes it gets dark
Your leafs may crumble
you might shrink,
fall over and tumble

But don’t you ever for a second think,
you can’t.

Because you still got that power
You are a beautiful flower
The world ahead,
dirt beneath,
sun above,
your own strong seed
Your flower family big,
yet so small
You and your strength can get through it all.



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